Aircraft acquisition can be a
trying experience for the uninitiated.

There are mazes of Manufacturers' sales teams and aircraft brokers to navigate. Those unfamiliar with the inner workings
can end up in the wrong aircraft, paying more than necessary and/or waiting years longer than required for a new aircraft.
The people new to the industry need the help of a professional aviation consultant who is working for them only through this
process. A professional aviation consultant can interpret all the “aviation lingo” into understandable layman’s terms. You
need an aviation consultant who is independent and not trying to sell an aircraft from his own inventory. DAS aviation
consultant’s primary concern is your best interest and safety. Let DAS make this a "Hassle Free" process for you.


IAS provides consultantcy to newcomers as well experienced owners in evaluating needs and conducting aircraft due diligence. Regardless of whether your seeking a VVIP aircraft,"Head of State" aircraft, business jet or helicopter, IAS can be of assistance.


We work closely with our interior design team to see that our aircraft fits the clients’ needs. IAS enjoys the challenge of creating an innovative and sometimes a one of a kind interior for our clients. We are committed to providing an aircraft that is safe, reliable and will retain its value.


We can handle the valuation of aircraft, aircraft engines, rotable parts, ground service equipment (GSE), and other aviation related assets. We want to make sure you manage your new asset well by offering maintenance planning, equipment inspections, management of your corporate aircraft, and a variety of other services.


Although each project is very different from start to finish, some aspects are always the same.Our commitment to our Client starts in the design phase. Our goal is to see that the final product is safe, comfortable, and retains its value for years to come. We negotiate and control costs throughout the entire project as if it were our own.

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